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Most little girls ask Santa for a pony at Christmas. I asked for a new saddle as my parents saw my love of horses and bought me my first pony when I was 8 years old. Mom & dad owned a few acres of land in St. Petersburg back in the l960's and I literally fed the chickens, rabbits, horses and my dad's Peacocks before school in the morning. 

Yes, I still love critters and we currently have a 90 gallon reef aquarium ( to bring the sea to me ) and several feline fur babies. All have a story with my favorite kitty being 17 years old and came home with me weighing 3 ounces at 3 hours old. He is quite the man. Our crazy schedules do not permit a puppy dog and know I could never replace our German Shepherd, Ariel, that blessed our lives for 10 wonderful years.   

" Inky " when he came home

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Sweet Inky passed away on 3-14-17

​at 19 years of age. I miss him terribly. 

The  " Why " 

The Sea ...

I have personally lived on the west coast of Florida since 1962 and in Cape Coral since 1997.  I am a beach girl, albeit the calendar may not say "girl".  I have often said I have salt water for blood and maybe on some days, sand for a brain. I am very passionate about the sea, the Gulf of Mexico and our oceans. As a hobby, I paint in oils, the beautiful Gulf sunsets, seascapes, palms and the skies that surround this coastal area.

A customer asked me once what my favorite color was and when I told her "Caribbean" , she looked at me puzzled. I then explained that "Caribbean" was coral, teal, turquoise, mint, oranges, and the countless other colors from the sea. 

One of my favorite places in the world !