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Most little girls ask Santa for a pony at Christmas. I asked for a new saddle as my parents saw my love of horses and bought me my first pony when I was 8 years old. Mom & dad owned a few acres of land in St. Petersburg back in the l960's and I literally fed the chickens, rabbits, horses and my dad's Peacocks before school in the morning. 

Yes, I still love critters and we currently have a 90 gallon reef aquarium ( to bring the sea to me ) and several feline fur babies. All have a story with my favorite kitty being 17 years old and came home with me weighing 3 ounces at 3 hours old. He is quite the man. Our crazy schedules do not permit a puppy dog and know I could never replace our German Shepherd, Ariel, that blessed our lives for 10 wonderful years.   

" Inky " when he came home

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The " Who "

Captians For Clean Water

Becoming educated on the issues of our local water ways have been beyond eye opening. 

​You see the news broadcasts but when you work every day on the Caloosahatchee River - you REALLY see the brown water and understand how this is affecting everyone in south Florida. 

​Please visit the website below, learn, educate yourself also, and if you can, support this cause in anyway. Benefits will in time come to all in this beautiful coastal region. 

Sweet Inky passed away on 3-14-17

​at 18 years of age. I miss him terribly. 

The  " Why " 

The Sea ...

I have personally lived on the west coast of Florida since 1962 and in Cape Coral since 1997.  I am a beach girl, albeit the calendar may not say "girl".  I have often said I have salt water for blood and maybe on some days, sand for a brain. I am very passionate about the sea, the Gulf of Mexico and our oceans. As a hobby, I paint in oils, the beautiful Gulf sunsets, seascapes, palms and the skies that surround this coastal area.

A customer asked me once what my favorite color was and when I told her "Caribbean" , she looked at me puzzled. I then explained that "Caribbean" was coral, teal, turquoise, mint, oranges, and the countless other colors from the sea. 

One of my favorite places in the world !